Here at The Immortal Piano Company, we have a profound love for the piano. People wonder about piano restoration for their inherited old upright piano. The young mother wants to buy a used piano for the kids. Well-versed pianists need to find a piano restorer for their Steinway vintage piano. Institutions approach us for advice of what to do with a donated “old” or “antique” piano. How do we advise our clients? It is a sad fact that, as time passes, increasing numbers of traditional older pianos are being discarded and destroyed. Most people mistakenly believe that buying a new piano or digital keyboard is the only alternative once their much-loved instrument starts showing its age. While it is true that many of the old relics are not cost-effective to fix, a quality vintage piano that has lived its life well can be returned to a condition that exceeds that of a comparably priced new piano. Our restoration process is illustrated amongst these pages and it will be revealed how we go about deciding which pianos to restore, and which we must regrettably decline.

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Current History:
A collection of photos of the dedicated technicians in this weird piano world.
Ancient History:
How The Immortal Piano Company began with the rescue of 500 pianos.

We are a workshop, a dealership, and enthusiastic historians. As a full-service piano business, we offer complete piano restoration and rebuilding, along with maintenance and tuning services. We are allied with the best piano rebuilders and restorers in the area, each bringing their specialized fields of technical acumen and study. This gathering of fanatical restorers gives you the most complete piano service and custom piano restoration that is possible. From the tuning of a spinet piano in your living room, to a full restoration of your grand piano that includes soundboard and pin-block replacement, we have the expertise and perseverance to complete the job in an elegant and timely manner. In regards to pianos for sale, we choose to offer pianos that play with delicious integrity. We do not hike up the prices while hiding the evidence of shoddy work, and therefore you will never find “discounts,” “university sales”, or other means of hoodwinking the customer. What you are paying for is, simply, our knowledge and our good work. It is our pleasure to show the interior mechanics of the piano, answer questions and offer advice, helping you to become an informed consumer. While our specialty is the restoration of turn-of-the-century instruments, returning them to their former days of glory, occasionally we find exceptional modern pianos and do offer these for your choosing.

The Immortal Piano Company is a time capsule from the past. The mysteries of the innermost recesses of the piano shall be unveiled before your very eyes.