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Local and National Moving Services

We are interested in using only the best and most reliable, expert piano movers. Over the past 9 years, we have been working with Big Al. Big Al runs a family owned and operated full-service piano removal and piano moving and storage company. His workers are graceful, respectful, and unbelievably Herculean. Big Al’s Specialty Movers are also expert piano movers for those instruments coming and going out of California. In fact, if you need piano movers or long-haul transport for your grand not only for Oregon and California, but for Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas, Big Al’s can accommodate you. They can also remove piano problems and take them to repose quietly at the dump.

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For further inquiry about moving pianos in the Portland Metropolitan Area or any of the Western states, please visit Big Al’s website:


You can also reach Big Al’s Specialty Movers at 360.576.1988.

For information about shipping to other parts of the U.S. and the world, please contact The Immortal Piano at 503.233.2234.
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