Piano Styles

Welcome to our world! We have many different piano styles of time-honored pianos and some choice modern pianos for sale. The pianos have all been chosen for their structural soundness and longevity.They are then reconditioned or rebuilt depending on what is best for the piano. Below, you shall find a brief history of styles of the piano from the Industrial Age and onwards. Please click on each picture of these musical instruments for details. It is a matter of great interest to trace the evolution of the styles of domestic furniture alongside the history of the piano. The causes which underlie and explain the many extraordinary changes in taste and design reflect the various periods of the history of the United States.

American Victorian Pianos
(1875 – 1899)
Ornate Pianos
(1895 – 1906)
Vintage Upright Pianos
(1900 -1909)
Streamline Pianos Spinets and Console Pianos
Grand Pianos
Streamlined Pianos
(1910 – 1928)
Spinets & Console Pianos
(1935 – 1959)
Grand Pianos
(1880 – present)
Player Pianos
Arts and Crafts Pianos

Player Pianos
(1907 – 1929)
Arts and Crafts Pianos