Ornate Pianos
(1895 – 1906)

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A true Artistic Case is a rare beast to find. Each was made to order, a one of a kind creation. Famous furniture makers (such as Greene & Greene and Stickley) would be brought a single piano from an elite company such as Baldwin or Emerson. They would then reconstruct the case to their own design whims. Other furniture creators would sometimes carve every surface of the body. The Art Cases that have survived are mainly found as specimens in museums.

52 Ornate PianosSince The Immortal Piano Company’s birth in 1985, only one piano that truly qualifies as an Artistic Case has passed through our doors. And I didn’t have a camera for that one! Vintage upright pianos found on this page do not technically fall into the Artistic Case category, but because they have so many lavish design elements, they can be seen as cousins of this elite group.

On these adorned pianos, there are always turned columns, exquisite decorations and embellished architectural panels of great intricacy. A combination of classical themes and various historical motifs were utilized in the delicate moldings, carved pilasters and solid trusses. You might see carved flowers, wreaths, torches, flying or swimming mythological beasts, or fancy ladies.

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