Piano Financing

We work with a piano financing company called Allegro Acceptance. The company appealed to us because they gave the best rates for our customers. If you have fallen in love with one of our glorious pianos, but lack the funds to pay for it all at one time, never fear! To finance a piano, the procedure is fairly simple, beginning with a credit check. The finance charge with Allegro is 10-12%. They do require 10% down, and payments can extend for as long as 60 months. Keep in mind that moving costs can be included in the piano financing package. In our experience, customers from many economic backgrounds have been approved, from students to doctors. If you have been considering piano rentals Portland, why not take a look at The Immortal Piano Company’s stock and try piano financing instead? The monthly payment can be the same as a rental. Financing a piano is a great way to start playing the music now that won’t wait for tomorrow.