Bush and Lane #45184

Age: 1919
Price: $3,595
Serial #45184
Size: 54″
Wood: Walnut

Bush and Lane pianos are renowned for their formidable artistic cases. Working off of the simplistic design motifs of 1919 this piano has a very understated design with an Arts and Crafts¬†aesthetic. It’s quite a lovely piece. Also it is a wonderful instrument. This Bush and Lane has lead a nice quiet life. Refurbishment was completed and she is here waiting for you.

Bush and Lane Action Repair
1. Bridle straps
2. Capstan contact felt
3. Catcher leather
4. Damper head felt
Tighten all action screws
Resurface hammers
Teflon hammer butt leather
Retention damper springs
Lubricate damper lift rod

Space action parts and keys
Adjust hammer rest rail position
Lost motion adjustment
Level and dip keys
Let-off and back-check regulation
Regulate damper lift and spoons
Regulate pedals
Repair pedal trappings

Various Tasks
Rework bass bridge
de-rust bass strings
Seat all strings
Bush keys
Clean keys
Clean pedals
Replace pedal and name-board felt
Clean and touch-up case
Replace casters
Vacuum inside and back of piano
Pitch raise and tune
Voice hammers